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Greg Jarrell

Website of the musician, speaker, and author of

A Riff of Love:

Notes on Community and Belonging

Words and Music

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Thanks to JazzArts Charlotte for having Carolina Social Music Club on their livestream series in April 2021. The band performs regularly in a variety of settings. Contact me below to talk about booking a performance and workshop.

A Riff of Love



“Greg Jarrell provides readers unique insight on issues related to racism, housing segregation, gentrification, and community building from his firsthand experiences as a community organizer on the ground in Charlotte, North Carolina . . . He moves it from the theoretical to the concrete by focusing on the humanity of those impacted by racial inequality, and includes an examination of his own personal learning process.”

Bree Newsome,

Charlotte-based artist and activist

"Through vivid, evocative language, and a propensity for connecting history to the present day, Jarrell made me fall in love with his neighborhood. There is no need quite so pressing as the challenge to learn to love our neighbors as ourselves in an unequal and unjust country such as the US, and Jarrell approaches this task with wisdom, humility, and humor.”

Greg's book reads like jazz: the rhythm and flow pull you into a whole different part of your heart and mind. And that's a good thing, because it helps us be present to things we might rather avoid but need to confront for the sake of our babies, the sake of our communities, and the sake of our humanity. What a gift to take this journey.

D.L. Mayfield, 

author of Assimilate or Go Home

Sandhya Rani Jha, author of Transforming Communities: How People Like You Are Healing Their Neighborhoods

In The Press



Greg Jarrell is co-founder and Chief Door Answerer at QC Family Tree, a community of rooted discipleship in the west Charlotte neighborhood of Enderly Park. Greg shares life there with a host of neighbors who have become family, as well as his wife Helms and their two sons 

Greg's work with neighbors in Enderly Park focuses on building from their gifts, creating economic opportunity, and combating serial displacement and land loss in a rapidly changing neighborhood. Greg can also be found around Charlotte playing saxophone. He regularly performs in concert and club venues across North and South Carolina in jazz, classical, and commercial settings.



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