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A Riff of Love Live Program

Greg Jarrell is a man with an enormous heart and an enormous musical gift. Greg and his musical team opened our hearts and our minds to listen, to think, and challenged us to face the truth of our busted world and speak truth in places where silence and complicity might be our default. It was more than music. It was more than the book. It was meant to stir our souls – and that’s what happened. I won’t forget this experience any time soon.

                                                - Gail Henderson Belsito

                                                   Caldwell Presbyterian Church, Charlotte

Greg and vocalist Dawn Anthony have collaborated to bring to life the music and stories from A Riff of Love. Our 90-minute program uses our band of professional jazz musicians, called Carolina Social Music Club, plus readings, corporate singing, and visual art to inspire audiences to create spaces of justice and belonging in the world. The short video above offers a glimpse of this program. 

Interested in booking an event? Call or email Greg at 704-654-6546 or

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